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About FaithFest

FaithFest is a dream turned into reality. Three samoan brothers who are apart of a renowned gospel quartet called the Keepers of the Faith envisioned FaithFest.

KOTF Quartet & Elliot Fleck

These brothers traveled and shared their testimonies through song. They were being invited to many festivals, jamborees, and concerts.

Being apart of so many events they felt inspired to start an event of their own. They wanted to bring the atmosphere they had felt at many of these events to their own backyard. So they established FaithFest.

FaithFest was formed in the year 2014 and the first ever FaithFest was held at the Ocean Shores Convention Center in Ocean Shores, WA. The artist that were there were: Keepers of the Faith Quartet, Masters Voice, Canada's Double Portion and many more....

The first FaithFest was used as a way to help the Islands Of Vanuatu. During the year of 2015 cyclone Pam devastated the Islands of Vanuatu. More than 75,000 people were left homeless. FaithFest was used as a way to bring awareness to this tragic event and to also get some people to help in rebuilding of the Islands of Vanuatu. That year we raised about $10,000.00 USD to help our brothers the Monument Singers get back on their feet with their families. 

Ocean Shores Faith Fest 2015

The 3rd and 4th Faith Fest were held at the Northwest Washington Fair & Event Center in Lynden, WA. 

In 2019 we canceled FaithFest due to the fact that our dear mom was in hospice care and we lost her that spring. 

For 2020-2021 we all had Covid-19 which prevented us all to gather. For the year 2021 we also lost our dear father/grandfather in the summer. 

Through all this time of hardship we truly wanted to have FaithFest and continue to be of encouragement to each other, to keep the faith no matter what the circumstances were. 

Now we finally decided to have FaithFest again. We have had requests from our KOTF family and friends to have it again. 

GREAT NEWS is that in May of 2024 we will hold our annual Faith Fest after 3 years.

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